Screened Chemistry for Commodity Chemicals Pilot

Enabling selection of preferred commodity chemicals for the apparel and footwear supply chain towards the goal of Zero Discharge of Hazard Chemicals

Screened Chemistry Brands are requiring suppliers (i.e., mills, laundries, and other facilities) to screen commodity chemicals used in processes for the presence of ZDHC MRSL analytes.

Over the coming months, these brands will be requiring all suppliers to make use of a fast and cost-effective Screened Chemistry for Commodity Chemicals (“SC for CC”) certification process that these brands have developed for this step in the program.

Scivera (USA) is collaborating with NimkarTek Technical Services Pvt Ltd. (India) to provide cost-effective and efficient screening, scoring, certification, and data management processes for Screened Chemistry Brand facilities. 

The Scivera-NimkarTek process for screening and certifying textile commodity chemicals is authorized by Screened Chemistry Brands.

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